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Car Hoist Installation Sydney

Minimize your endless hassle and problems with getting the job done correctly, professionally and accordingly to manufacturer’s instruction that comply with Safe work NSW.

As we provide top quality of installation and repair service in Sydney, New South Wales simply contact us and leave your job with us and sit back relax.

To Installing a vehicle hoist correctly and safely a pre-installation site inspection needs to be done to make sure that the floor leveling is correct or within the range. Floor concrete thickness and the free space around the hoist is complying with manufacturers’ and performing safe work.

By checking all the above recommendation to install any vehicle hoist you will be saving yourself from the following hassles:

  1. To avoid your hoist breaking down.
  2. This brings you a safe work for your technicians as well as your machine.
  3. To help you from stress and worry about hoist safety.
  4. To give your customers peace of mind because their cars are safe on your hoist.
  5. An incorrect installed and faulty hoist can affect your productivity and performance.

Vehicle & truck hoist Condition Reports

After a vehicle or truck hoist installed, a valid Report will be given to prove that the hoist is safe and serviceable. You should not operate a hoist until the condition report has been signed handed over to you.

This is essential to have and provide to your insurance company or safe work inspector.