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Hoist Installation

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Hoist Installation

we have an expert team of Vehicle hoist installation and services that are fully equipped to carry out Safely, efficient and according to the safe work requirements, No matter what kind of Vehicle hoist you have a 2 post or 4 post hoist, car storage hoist, Truck hoist or Scissor lift we will get the job done, simply complete the form below or give us a call to get a quote.

Installation & Assembling

It is essential to install the lifting equipment safely and according to the manufacturer requirements. More importantly, all workshops must provide a safety inspection report to Work Cover and the insurance company. Simply contact Hoist Care and be sure of everything from delivery to the safety report will be done correctly.

Hoist Care provides professional top-quality installation & maintenance of all kind of Vehicle hoist and such. Mechanical or Body shop setup, assembling car & truck Tyre Changer, wheel balancer. Hoist care trained teams are knowledgeable and experienced to install wheel alignment, In & above ground Scissors Lift serving the whole of New South Wales.

Service & Safety inspection

Daily visual inspection for your 2 post hoist must be carried out before you start your day of work. Regular weekly inspections must be done and making sure all the moving parts functioning correctly. Also, the following condition checklist suggested. Preforming out a weekly check for your 2 post hoist, 4 post hoist, and car parking lift.

Condition of steel cables, Hydraulic & Air lines, Hydraulic oil level, Fittings & Arm’s locks, Carriage & locking solenoids, or cables. Lifting pads condition and also checking for any abnormal noises while lifting or lowering.

Yearly comprehensive service and full safety condition report must be carried out. This yearly Hoist Service is important for every vehicle hoist like Truck Column lifts and 4 post Car Parking Hoist.

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