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Hoist Installation

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Vehicle Hoist Services, Repairs, Installations And Inspections In Sydney

Looking for quality and affordable vehicle hoist installation and repair services in Sydney? Well, look no further than Hoist Care Vehicle Hoist Installers. Hoist Care offers professional and high-quality vehicle hoist installation, repair and maintenance services of all types of vehicle hoists right across Sydney.

High-Quality Vehicle Hoist Installation Service

At Hoist Care, we have the expertise and experience to assist you with all stages of your vehicle hoist installation. We offer site inspections to help you determine which hoist is best suited for your requirements or needs, as well as offering professional advice on what setup will work best within your current workspace.

Mobile Hoist Installation

Add efficiency and flexibility to your garage or shop with a mobile or portable vehicle hoist. Our mobile car hoists and lifts are uniquely designed to lift heavy loads without a problem.

2 Post BP Hoist Installation

We install 2 Post BP (Base Plate) vehicle hoists with meticulous attention to detail. We strictly follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions as indicated in the manual for optimal safety and reliability.

2 Post CF Hoist Installation

Hoist Care also installs 2 Post CF (Clear Floor) vehicle hoists of various sizes and capacities in Sydney.

Parking Hoist Installation

Parking hoists are one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have as a car or garage owner. We offer a wide range of parking hoists systems and installation services for all sorts of vehicles and trucks.

Car Stacker Installation

A car stacker can help you save on space at home or in your workshop. No need to expand your garage when you can install a durable car stacker.

4 Post Hoist Installation

Looking for the ultimate vehicle hoist configuration? Well, look no further than the 4 Post Vehicle Hoist. Hoist Care has the skills and equipment required to effectively install this massive hoist.

Scissor Lift Installation

Scissor lifts are perfect for homeowners because they can lift a car very quickly and conveniently. GET A QUOTE  (this button will lead to the form)

Wheel Balancer Installation

Want to balance your own wheels without having to visit your local repair shop? We can help you install your very own wheel balancer at your desired location in Sydney.

Tyre Changer Installation

We can make changing tyres seem like taking a walk in the park thanks to our in-depth knowledge in tyre changer equipment installation and maintenance.

Truck Hoist Installation

Lifting heavy trucks is not an easy task, but Hoist Care knows exactly what you need to lift even the heaviest trucks in the world. Our truck hoist installation service is handled by the very best in the industry.

Why Choose Hoist Care to Install Your Vehicle Hoist?

  • Quality Services
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Competitive Rates
  • Fully Registered and Certified Business.

Hoist Installation FAQs

The cost of a vehicle hoist varies depending on type and load capacity. Please contact us for a quote.

Vehicle hoists are basically lifts for cars that allow you to gain access to the underside of the vehicle safely and conveniently.

Car lifts are a smart investment for home, garage or workshop owners. The convenience they offer is priceless.
Yes, you can, as long as you install the lift on a sturdy surface and it suits the space in which you are installing it.

A minimum of 100 mm or about 4 inches of concrete is needed.

The cost varies depending on the type of lift and the amount of space you have. Please contact us for a quote.

The hoist should be aligned with the entry door for easy access, also taking height and foundations into consideration.

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