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Car Hoist Safety & Servicing in NSW

At Hoist Care, we offer top quality car hoist servicing, repairs and maintenance to help mechanics in Sydney and the surrounding areas keep their working environments safe. Our hoist repairs and maintenance services help you comply with safe working standards and keep your workshop safe and productive. Please call us on 1300 048 153 or contact us to get a quote today.


Vehicle Hoist Service & Repair Sydney

Car hoist safety is something that cannot be ignored. If a hoist fails, at best that could hamper productivity in your workshop, and at worst it could lead to serious damage or personal injury. There are many different types of hoists that are used in modern garages. Our team offers vehicle hoist maintenance for BP, parking and CF hoists as well as other jacks and devices.

Mobile Hoist Repairs

Our vehicle hoist services include the repair and maintenance of mobile hoists. We will inspect and repair your mobile car hoist to ensure it’s safe and reliable. If any new parts are required, we’ll consult with you and confirm the job before fitting them.


2 Post Hoist

Hoist safety is particularly important for 2 Post Hoists fitted in large garages. We can assist with the maintenance and repair of these taller lifts, so your mechanics can have peace of mind working under them. Consider setting a quarterly inspection and maintenance schedule to reduce the risk of injury or time-wasting failures.


2 Post Base Plate Car Hoist

If you’ve invested in a 2 Post BP Hoist, you need to pay attention to maintenance and servicing. These large hoists can lift heavy vehicles, and need careful maintenance to ensure they’re always up to the job. Contact us for information about 2 Post BP hoist servicing.


2 Post Clear Floor Car Hoist

CF hand chain hoists also require servicing and inspection to maintain a safe working environment. Our vehicle hoist services include working with clear floor hoists. While these devices are easier to take care of than powered hoists, they still need to be properly cared for.


Parking Hoist

Parking hoists can double the space in your garage, but they need to be carefully maintained because of the strain they’re under. Our car hoist repair services cover not just service hoists, but these platforms too.


Car Stacker

Maintain vehicle hoist safety at all times by getting your car stacker serviced regularly. It’s a good idea to perform quarterly inspections on all of your hoists and lifts to minimise breakdown and safe operation.

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4 Post Hoist

Regular maintenance is required for any 4-Post hoists in your garage to increase safety and minimise breakdown. These hoists may appear large and stable, but are designed to take significant loads and therefore must be properly cared for.


Scissor Lift

We offer maintenance and servicing for scissor lifts. Keep these loading and moving devices in good working order with frequent inspections by Hoist Care.

Wheel Balancer

Make sure your wheel balancers are accurate and stable by having them inspected regularly. At Hoist Care we don’t just handle lifts and hoists, but wheel balancers too.


Tyre Changer

Tyre changers are an integral part of any garage. We offer inspections and maintenance for tyre changers, so your mechanics can always depend on this equipment.


Truck Hoist

Truck hoists and similar heavy hoists give maintenance personnel better access to the vehicles they’re working on. Ensure you’re working in compliance with your safety regulations by having regular inspections and maintenance performed by Hoist Care.


Why Choose Hoist Care to Repair Your Vehicle Hoist?

As part of our hoist servicing procedure, we generate a detailed report so you can feel confident that the work meets strict Australian standards, and are always aware of any parts that have been changed or fitted.

Vehicle hoist maintenance is something every garage or workshop should pay attention to. We recommend regular maintenance, and that any required car hoist repairs be performed promptly. This will help you keep your mechanics in Sydney safe and productive.

Hoist Servicing & Repair FAQs

How often should vehicle hoists be serviced?
Vehicle hoists should be serviced at least once every 12 months, but quarterly maintenance is recommended to ensure they are safe. Regular inspection and maintenance helps you identify problems before they put your team of mechanics at risk.
How do you service a car hoist?
Car hoist service plans depend on the type of hoist. In general, a hoist may need cleaning, lubrication, careful inspection, and tightening of any loose bolts. The hoist manual should list major servicing tasks. Consult an expert or use our service program if you are unsure what to do.
Should a hoist be serviced annually?
Vehicle hoists should be serviced at least once a year to maintain safety.
How do you lubricate a car lift?
Depending on the type of lift you have you may need to lubricate pulleys, hoists, joints, rollers or pins. Consult the lift manual for directions about what type of lubricant to use and how often to apply it.
How long does a car lift last?
How long a car lift lasts depends on the type of lift and how well it is maintained. Cables may need to be replaced every three to five years, but with proper maintenance, the structure of the lift can last much longer than that.
How do you service a 2 post car lift?
For safety reasons, it’s important to follow service directions carefully. Consult your car lift manual for instructions and a service schedule. If you are not confident in your ability to service a 2 post car lift, call us to arrange for a service visit.
Can car hoists fail?
Car hoists can fail. Common issues include snapped cables, broken hydraulics and loose bolts. For this reason, it’s important to service lifts and hoists regularly.
Can you use a hoist without training?
Working with vehicle lifts can be dangerous. It’s important to have appropriate training in vehicle lift safety awareness before working with or around these devices.

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