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About Us

Hoist Care has been in the automotive service and repair industry since 2008. We have been working through a long with auto repair industry to provide various services such as installation, service and repair of all kind of workshop equipment.

We have trained and gained our knowledge and experience through past years working with manufacturers and suppliers. We also have our own monthly internal training for our staff to keep all of us to be updated with the current technology and keep improving.

Our special crane trucks and other dedicated vehicles are in place to provide the best possible service and quality workmanship based on manufacturers’ instructions and safe work.

We are proud and confident to give 2-year workmanship warranty for the installation and repair of any kind of vehicle hoist and car parking lifts.

We are set to provide a quality service to both car and truck repair shop such as installation of 2-post, 4-post, scissor lift and car parking as well as truck column lift also other truck lifting equipment.

Another major service we provide at hoist care, is regular servicing and safety check of all kind of vehicle hoists and car parking lifts.

We Also provide delivery, assembly, installation and repair of other workshop equipment such as tyre changer, wheel balancer, lubrication equipment and other general workshop equipment.

Our mission is to provide you with top quality of serving of automotive workshop equipment, for the best price, in one complete service in whole New South Wales.

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