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Hoist Relocation

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Car Hoist Relocation Sydney

The dismantling, relocation, and assembly of a car hoist is a daunting task. It requires well-tuned choreography by highly experienced technicians to get everything right. Additionally, car hoist relocation involves the use of specialised equipment.

At Hoist Care, we have the necessary equipment and unmatched experience in relocating different types of vehicle hoists. More importantly, we work to ensure workplace safety and standards compliance.

Truck Lift Relocation in NSW

Hoist Care has specialised in everything related to vehicle hoists, including car hoist relocation. Whether you’re moving the hoist to a different location within your shop or you’re relocating your car hoist to a different location altogether, you can rely on us to get the job done.

We can relocate the full range of vehicle hoists across Sydney and NSW. Our hoist relocation services involve dismantling, packaging, transporting, and reassembly.

Mobile Hoist Relocation

This service involves moving hoists that are mobile by design. While the inherent mobility of the hoist makes moving mobile hoist a tad easier, it still requires care and attention to negate damage and injuries and to ensure the hoist is in safe working order.

2 Post BP Hoist

Relocating a 2 Post BP hoist involves detachment from the concrete foundation followed by the disassembly of the hoist into individual parts assisted by a crane and other equipment. We then move the hoist and reassemble the hoist.

2 Post CF Hoist

We’ll start by detaching the hoist from the foundation. Using a crane, we’ll move the hoist to a new position in your workshop or a new location in Sydney or around New South Wales.

Parking Hoist 

The process of relocating a parking hoist will depend on whether the hoist is movable or designed for permanent installation. Moveable parking hoists are disassembled or moved using a crane. A permanently fixed hoist must be detached from the concrete floor first before disassembly and moving.

Car Stacker

Car stackers increase available parking space considerably. When it comes time to move this hoist, we use specialised cranes to disassemble it and move the entire structure, whether within the same property or to a different location.

4 Post Hoist 

Our car hoist relocation Sydney specialists will assess the 4 post hoist and determine the best process of relocating your hoist. We might choose to relocate the hoist as a whole or disassemble it before moving it to a new location.

Scissor Lift 

Scissors Lifts tend to be inherently mobile, making them easy for our technicians to relocate the hoist as a whole. However, some hoists require the disassembly of some components.

Wheel Balancer

As with all other hoists, relocating a wheel balancer involves disassembly, moving the hoist, and reinstalling it using specialised equipment.

Tyre Changer 

Tyre changer hoists are relatively mobile. We can relocate the equipment as a whole or disassemble it into individual parts depending on what the situation calls for.

Truck Hoist 

Truck hoists are heavy-duty hoists that necessitate the use of highly specialised cranes. Our hoist relocation specialist will move your hoist taking care of the equipment and safety of all involved.

Why Choose Hoist Care To Relocate Your Vehicle Hoist?

Hoist Care is the premier car hoist relocation specialist in Sydney. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve amassed plenty of invaluable experience in relocating vehicle hoists. Our hoist relocation Sydney services are renowned for their safety, efficiency, and competitive pricing.

We provide the highest quality services using our specialised gear and equipment, including crane trucks and relocation vehicles. That’s why we are proud of providing our customers with a 2-year workmanship warranty. Contact us for the best car hoist relocation services.

Hoist Servicing & Repair FAQs

The best way to move your 4 post hoist is to hire a specialist experienced in moving hoist from one location to another.
Car hoist relocation Sydney cost varies from as little as $500 up to $10,000, depending on the type of hoist and the complexity of installing the hoist.
Yes. If your garage has enough space, you just have to prepare the garage for a hoist installation.
Moving a Bendpak 4 post lift will depend on the model you have. Contact Hoist Care and learn how we move the different models.
We use a specialised truck with cranes equipped with the necessary equipment to move the hoist.
To install a car lift, you need 4 to 5 metres clearance in height.
In many cases, the most crucial consideration is the height of the garage. You need a minimum of 4-metre ceiling height to install a hoist.
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