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Vehicle Hoist Installations

Hoist Care provide premium quality of Hoist installation service. Just contact us and leave your job with us, sit back and relax.

Pre-installation and site inspection needs to be done prior to Installing any vehicle hoist correctly and safely. To make sure that the floor is level correctly within the limit. Surface concrete thickness and the free outer space around the hoist is fulfilling according to manufacturers’ and safe work.

Benefit of getting the your job done by Hoist Care expert team.

To see how you would save your self from all the current and feature hassles and risk of injury. You may read the following comments carefully. No matter what kind of vehicle hoist you are about to install. A 2 Post Hoist, 4 post hoist, 4 post car parking lift, a scissors lift or any kind of truck hoist and column lift, you will save your self from:

you will avoid all the common breaking down your vehicle hoists.

Providing a safe work for your technicians also your equipment.

No stress and worry about hoist safety and performance.

A peace of mind to your customers of the safety of their vehicles are on your hoist.

finally to increase your productivity as well as performance of your shop.

Car & truck hoist Condition Reports

It is important to make sure that you have a condition report for your insurance company or safe work inspector.

After a vehicle or truck hoist installed. We will provide a legitimate Report to prove that the hoist is serviceable for a safe operation. Vehicle hoists may not be operated until the condition report has been signed handed over to you by our Tech.

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